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Our Supporters

Here at YMCA Social Impact, we work to address a diverse range of needs across an extremely large area. It is only with the help of our supporters and partners that we can make such a big impact.

Many of the businesses and organisations in our community choose to show what’s important to them, by investing significant resources, to transform lives now and in the future.

To all our supporters and partners, past, present and future,

School Breakfast Supporters

  • Slide Clem
    The Clem Jones Group of Companies for their financial support of the YMCA Breakfast Club.
  • Slide Ymca
    YMCA of Brisbane for their financial and in kind support of the breakfast program.
  • Slide Food
    Foodbank QLD, whose donations of bread, cereal, spreads juice, and fruit, supplying most of the food for the Breakfast Program.
  • Slide Kellogs
    Kellogg's Breakfast for Better Days, for their donations of breakfast cereal.
  • Slide Tip Top
    George Weston Foods, donations of Tip Top wholemeal sliced bread.
  • Slide Cjs
    Complete Janitorial Supplies for their support with purchasing disposable cups, bowls and cutlery at cost price, and donations of various equipment for the breakfast program food warehouse.
  • Slide Southport
    Southside Sport and Community Club for their support of all YMCA Social Impact programs.
  • Slide Tork
    SCA Hygiene Australasia - TORK, for the donation of serviettes, cleaning cloths and paper towels for the breakfast program.
  • Slide Coles
    Coles Supermarket (Logan Central), for their donations of jam for the breakfast program.
  • Slide Su
    Scripture Union Chaplaincy for school chaplains who oversee the breakfast.

Youth Mentoring Supporters

  • Slide Clem