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The YMCA Social Impact Team

About Us

Officially known as Y-Care SE Qld Inc., YMCA Social Impact is the group of programs that make up the charitable arm of the YMCA Brisbane. Our mission is to give people a Real Opportunity to grow in body, mind and spirit, so that the cycle of disadvantage is broken and they are able to realise their individual potential.

We work to identify individual and community needs and to respond with understanding, care and mutual respect. We develop programs that are transformational both for those receiving and delivering the service. We aim to create places where people feel that they belong.

Our Values

Healthy Communities

Healthy communitites based on relationships between people which are characterised by love, understanding, mutual respect, and a sense of belonging.

Equality of opportunity

Equality of opportunity and justice for all people.

The diversity

The diversity of people, communities, and nations.

Acceptance of

Acceptance of personal responsibility.

The dignity of

The dignity of intrinsic worth of all people regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or belief.

Our Objectives

The provision of

The provision of such benevolent aid, services and programs to poor, disadvantaged and at risk youth as provides relief from their poverty, helplessness, destitution, and disability.

The provision of meals

The provisions of meals to homeless and underpriveliged youth to relieve their hunger and lack of nutrition.

The provision of low cost

The provision of low cost rental accommodation to the poor and underpriveliged aged, and the provision of accommodation to homeless youth.

Provision of direct

Provision of direct benevolent assistance from the Y-Care (South Easth Queensland) gift fund.

The direct relief

The direct relief of poverty sickness, distress, helplessness, destitution, suffering and misfortune anywhere within Australia.